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Thanks for your enquiry, it's always great to hear people that are embracing the 'power of text'! We get the "how does it all work" question a lot. At first it can seem daunting but it's not. The way to think of it is this. It's the same as when you...
To assist us in assessing the possibility of setting you up as a reseller please confirm the below: 1) Your business website address 2) The type of messages your potential affiliates will send - for example,marketing/service/staff alerts 3) T...
Hi, Thank you for making use of our Black Friday offer. We have added the additional credits onto your account for you. On another note, we have partnered with the online review community, Trustpilot, to collect reviews and would love to hear ...
Hello, The way our surveys work are as follows; The initial message - This is to let people know that they are about to receive a survey from you and is usually sent from the company name so replies can't be received. Then the questions are se...
Hi, Thanks for your email. We have traced your number through our system and I can see that have been using our platform to send messages to you. I have now added you to their opt out list so you should no longer receive marketing messages fro...
Hello, It shows this way as it is a link to a web page so will take you to the internet browser on your device as it is just a preview link when shown within messages. This is IOS and apple we have no control over this and how they display the lin...
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